Contributing to Waffle

Waffle is pretty simple to hack, and has a decent test suite! Here’s how to hack Waffle, add tests, run them, and contribute changes.

Set Up

Setting up an environment is easy! You’ll want virtualenv and pip, then just create a new virtual environment and install the requirements:

$ mkvirtualenv waffle
$ pip install -r requirements.txt


Running Things

Running Django apps without a Django project is a pain, so we use Fabric to pave over all that. Almost everything runs through fab. To see a list of the commands, run fab -l:

Available commands:

    migrate  Update a testing database with south.
    schema   Create a schema migration for any changes.
    serve    Start the Django dev server.
    shell    Start a Django shell with the test settings.
    syncdb   Create a database for testing in the shell or server.
    test     Run the Waffle test suite.

To run the tests, just run fab test.

To manually test out the app and admin, you’ll want to run fab syncdb then fab migrate, then you can run fab serve to start the Django dev server, or fab shell to open the Django shell.

Writing Patches

Patches should have tests. And follow PEP-8/existing styles. That’s about it! If you need help writing or running tests, let me know!

I will probably run your tests with and without the rest of the patch.

Submitting Patches

Open a pull request on GitHub! If you want to make sure I’ll merge the patch upstream, open an issue first to discuss it.

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