Contributing to Waffle

Waffle is pretty simple to hack, and has a decent test suite! Here’s how to patch Waffle, add tests, run them, and contribute changes.

Please open a new issue to discuss a new feature before beginning work on it. Not all suggestions are accepted. The Goals may help guide which features are likely to be accepted.

Set Up

Setting up an environment is easy! You’ll want virtualenv and pip, then just create a new virtual environment and install the requirements:

$ mkvirtualenv waffle
$ pip install -r requirements.txt


Writing Patches

Fork Waffle and create a new branch off master for your patch. Run the tests often:

$ ./ test

Try to keep each branch to a single feature or bugfix.


To update branches, please rebase onto master, do not merge master into your branch.

Submitting Patches

Open a pull request on GitHub!

Before a pull request gets merged, it should be rebased onto master and squashed into a minimal set of commits. Each commit should include the necessary code, test, and documentation changes for a single “piece” of functionality.

To be mergeable, patches must:

  • be rebased onto the latest master,
  • be automatically mergeable,
  • not break existing tests,
  • not change existing tests without a very good reason,
  • add tests for new code (bug fixes should include regression tests, new features should have relevant tests),
  • not introduce any new flake8 errors (run ./ lint),
  • document any new features, and
  • have a good commit message.

Regressions tests should fail without the rest of the patch and pass with it.