Why Waffle?

Feature flags are a critical tool for continuously integrating and deploying applications. Waffle is one of several options for managing feature flags in Django applications.

Waffle aims to

  • provide a simple, intuitive API everywhere in your application;
  • cover common use cases with batteries-included;
  • be simple to install and manage;
  • be fast and robust enough to use in production; and
  • minimize dependencies and complexity.

Waffle has an active community and gets fairly steady updates.

vs Gargoyle

The other major, active feature flag tool for Django is Disqus’s Gargoyle. Both support similar features, though Gargoyle offers more options for building custom segments in exchange for some more complexity and requirements.

Waffle in Production

Despite its pre-1.0 version number, Waffle has been used in production for years at places like Mozilla, Yipit and TodaysMeet.

  • Mozilla (Support, MDN, Addons, etc)
  • TodaysMeet
  • Yipit

(If you’re using Waffle in production and don’t mind being included here, let me know or add yourself in a pull request!)